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We've got your back...

We know that keeping the people who support our patients and families healthy and happy is just as important as caring for our patients. It's the reason we invest in building smart resources and benefits that support the wellness of our Pediatrica family.
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Highly Competitve Salary

Maximize your time and quality of care without limiting your earning potential.

Paid Vacation

Remember paid vacation? Get the break you deserve without worrying about your business.

Malpractice Insurance

Just one more thing we'll take off your plate. Save time and money and get back to doing what you do best - caring for your patients and families. 

Health Benefits

While you are focused on patient wellness, we'll provide the resources to make sure you're taken care of too.

Retirement Benefits

Enjoy the retirement you've worked so hard for with the benefits you need to support your life into retirement.

Time for CME Training

There never seems to be enough time... until now. Keep up with CME training and continue to deliver the best care.

Don't wait to take advantage of the benefits that are waiting for you. Book a free consultation today...
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