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Now is the time to become a
                                   Pediatrica provider...


The Pediatrica Difference...

We understand that one of your primary concerns is the well-being of your patients and their families. Pediatrica will help you deliver a continuity of care that you and the families and patients you support can rely on.

We focus on driving improved patient outcomes and overall customer satisfaction ...a better patient experience... 

With the patient at our center of care, Pediatrica partners with you by providing administrative resources that allow you to focus on providing care and not managing a business.  In doing so, we also ensure a pathway to your financial stability, the ability to realize a fair value for your practice.

Our mission is to help you realize the fair value of your pediatric primary care practice, while maintaining your current patient-family relationships and investing in the prospect of an expanded practice potential.  We’ll help you deliver the right care, to the right patients and families, at the right time.


Why Pediatrica?

Take control of your business and your future.
You have a choice...

Unlock the fair value of your health care business with Pediatrica.

You can choose to sell your practice and transition out of the business over an agreed upon timeline or you can choose to appreciate the value of ongoing benefits through continued employment.

Let us show you how...

Stay in Touch...

75 Valencia Avenue, Suite 709
Coral Gables, FL 33134


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Tel:  (786) 875-1930

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